Uses of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life

Technology is here to change our lives; we have seen a plethora of development in this domain. One such transformation that we witness in our lives is artificial intelligence. Although AI has been in use for a long time, we have only recently witnessed its mainstream uses impacting our lives, from the voice assistant system to chatbots; everything is a gift of AI. In the times to come, we are going to witness a massive increase in the use of artificial intelligence. This blog highlights some of the popular use of AI in our everyday life.

Uses of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life

AI and its real-world use cases:

1. Your smartphones- Yes, if you are using your smartphone, you are also using one of the most incredible AI developments. AI drives all the personal assistance that you get while using the smartphone. One of the typical examples of AI is the voice assistant of your phone.

2. Smart cars- These are no more a dream. AI has made it possible. We now have smart cars that are self-driven. Tesla has made successful attempts in launching semi-automatic cars. Another remarkable example of this is smart drones. Companies like Amazon and Walmart are experimenting with creating smart drones that can do product delivery. But this is not just on paper; in fact, militaries across the world are using this technology.

3. Social media- Yes, this is yet another example where AI is being used. The technology actively impacts your social media searches and feeds. The popular options like popular feeds, people you may know, etc., are a result of AI.

4. E-commerce website- During your purchase from an e-commerce portal, you will come across various options like products you may like. All these are influenced and impacted by AI. It helps the e-commerce portal make the right recommendation and suggest you with the right product that suits your requirement.

5. Music and media streaming devices- Another example of the use of AI is the music and media streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and others. You would have seen them recommending you with the right option for the movies that you may or songs that you may like. Music listening apps like Spotify will show you some new singers based on the type of music you listen to.

These are a few of the prominent uses of AI in real life. There are several other aspects of AI that are impacting our life. With all such developments, we can conclude that AI has the power to impact our lives in different ways. In case you are also looking to make a career as an AI expert, then this is the right time to enroll in the AI certification program.

What’s next?

Artificial Intelligence is the new buzz in the market, and we are witnessing a rise in its use cases. To enroll in the artificial intelligence certification program, you need to choose the right platform like the Global Tech Council. It offers the best online learning program and practical learning experience to make your career grow multiple folds.

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